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College Park Woman's Club 

College Park Custom Doormat

CollegePark Doormat 2021.jpg

Woman's Club Doormat Sale


One of our fundraisers is selling College Park custom doormats! 


Need a new mat for your front door? 
Don't forget the back door!

Need a gift for your nice neighbor who collects your mail, feeds your pet or watches your home while you vacation?

Need a fun business gift for local clients?

Purchase today via PayPal! 

Discount for 10 or more mats - $40.00 each

This gorgeous 24" x 36" custom doormat is just the thing! Priced right at $45 per mat. 

The natural coir fibers are inserted into an all-weather vinyl backing for lasting endurance. Stain, rot and mildew resistant, easily cleaned with a good shaking or vacuuming. The printing is flocked instead of painted making the doormats fade resistant as well.

  • Made in the USA

  • 5/8 inch thick. Great for low thresholds

  • Best used in a dry protected entranceway

  • Electrostatic flocked design for longevity

1 - 9 Mats - $45.00 each

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